Transit Shipping Agency has been designed to meet the growing demand for agency and marine solutions that exceed expectations for our clients, we serve the needs of ship owners or ship operators all over the Egyptian ports…

Our highly capably team is on call, ready 24/7 to meet our clients’ needs. Our Full Agency services allows us to perform a vast range of services. Our expertise in various types of vessels allows us to provide such services to any type of vessel from container ships to cruise liners and everything in between Transit Shipping Agency has the job covered.

Through TSA local experience and strong relationships with the local port authorities enable our operations team to make all the necessary arrangements for a smooth and efficient operations for full agency services as follows:

-    Pre-Arrival Planning
-    In-Port Services
-    Post Departure

TSA ship agency services includes an extensive range of integrated services covering, husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics, underwater hull cleaning and more. Whether you’re controlling an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needs.