Transit Shipping Agency Services is the Egyptian logistics provider you can rely on, offering extensive local and global connections to bolster your business operations. Our priority is to furnish customers with the necessary resources for handling cargo import and export services smoothly and efficiently.

Our daily services which we provide to our clients in Egypt are:

1- Ocean Freight is a cornerstone of global trade, involving the movement of goods across oceans via ships. It's cost-effective and versatile, accommodating various cargo types and volumes. From booking cargo space to navigating maritime routes, ocean freight plays a crucial role in connecting markets worldwide.

2- Air Freight is vital for fast and efficient transportation of goods via aircraft. Its speed makes it ideal for time-sensitive shipments. From cargo booking to customs clearance, air freight services ensure seamless delivery, enhancing supply chain efficiency across the globe.

3- Project Cargo logistics specializes in transporting oversized or heavy items for large-scale projects. This involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure safe and timely delivery. Services include route assessments, custom creating, and specialized transport equipment.

4- Chartering involves leasing entire vessels or aircraft for exclusive cargo transport. It offers flexibility and control over scheduling and routing. Chartering services cater to diverse shipment needs, providing tailored solutions for unique cargo requirements.

5- Inland Haulage transports goods overland from ports to inland destinations using trucks, trains, or barges. It is a vital link in the supply chain, bridging maritime or air transport to final delivery points. Efficient operations rely on factors like road infrastructure and regulatory compliance.

6- Specialist Projects logistics manages complex transportation operations for large-scale projects. This includes site evaluations, route planning, and equipment mobilization. With specialized expertise, logistics providers ensure successful project execution.

7- Relocation & Exhibition logistics handle transportation for events or personal relocations. From packing to customs clearance, services ensure safe and timely delivery. Entrusting logistics to professionals allows clients to focus on their core activities.